“Heather has successfully tutored my daughter for over 3 years. I am glad to give a strong recommendation when considering additional tutoring or assistance with your child’s learning. Heather identifies the potential in every child and has encouraged my daughter to achieve with confidence, overcoming her personal challenges. My daughter enjoys her time with Heather and this has led to her exceeding her projected levels in school.”

Mr & Mrs D

“To anyone who has a special son like I do, Heather can change your child’s life. She can make the words on a page finally make sense. My son, 3 years ago, struggled with reading and writing. He is now 13 years old, in most of the top sets at school, and just last week was tested for his actual reading age. Due to Heather’s help, he now has the reading age of a 13 year-old. I can’t thank her enough.”

Ms W

“Having worked with Heather as a primary practitioner for many years, I knew she would be the perfect tutor to boost my daughter’s confidence with spelling and writing. Heather intuitively knows how to find what a child’s needs are and will work thoroughly to build knowledge, plug gaps and most importantly build confidence. My daughter enjoyed her sessions with Heather very much and found them really helpful at developing her phonics and writing skills.”

Mrs R

“There is always that one teacher that you will always remember. I can honestly say that Mrs Heather Grivell will always be that person for our family. Heather tutored our son for over 2 years, and it was thanks to the outstanding support she gave him which allowed him to fulfill his potential. Heather has a way with her students that brings out the best in them. Her high-level skills and experience were invaluable for our son. English was never easy for him and having learning difficulties brought him even more challenges. Heather helped him to overcome these challenges as she focused on his individual achievements, progress and learning. I will never be able to think Heather enough for her dedication and her bespoke teaching that gave our son the confidence to believe in himself.”

Mrs H

“Heather has tutored my son for 3 years. He has always struggled at school and finds reading and spelling particularly difficult as he is dyslexic. When it comes to learning he can be a challenge to engage but he loves his sessions with Heather and eagerly participates as she knows just how to capture his attention. Heather has worked hard on developing my son’s reading skills and he is now a more confident reader and is no longer afraid of having a go. She has taught him how to approach spelling and again, now has the skills needed to attempt writing the trickier vocabulary he likes to use. Heather has also helped with the transition from primary to secondary school. I would no hesitate to recommend Heather’s services to anyone looking for additional support for their child.”

Mrs M