Based in Wellington, Shropshire, I am a trained teacher with 39 years’ experience of working with and supporting young people to recognise and achieve their potential.

I am aware of the pressures on young people to achieve specific goals and targets and am concerned for those who find it harder to acquire skills in reading, writing, spelling or maths for a variety of reasons and particularly those who are suspected of being dyslexic or who have been diagnosed. I work with each child as an individual, firstly recognising their strengths and then assessing their areas of difficulty in order to move them forward using appropriate teaching strategies. I aim to build self-esteem and confidence with which they can approach their learning in school.

Tuition takes place in a quiet, dedicated room in my home, where I have access to a range of resources, enabling me to respond to specific areas of difficulty as and when they occur. I aim to use a variety of approaches in order to engage students.

Since Covid-19 I am offering online lessons using Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp at times convenient to students.

If you feel that I can help, please contact me for an informal chat.